September 30, 2008


Fifteen plus years ago, (okay, make that almost twenty years ago) a colleague wrote about the contents of other people's bags in her column. She riffled through my post-college bag and found these:

Book (Empire of the Sun)
unused tickets to the CCP
I Ching coins
diskettes [the super floppy kind]
a key chain without a key
a hairbrush; and
a toothbrush

Fast forward to 2008. I have since found out that, when it comes to bags, bigger is definitely better. And more prone to clutter.

The contents of my humongous tote:

Book (Everything I've Ever Done that Worked)
Two notebooks: one for official mindless jottings; the other for unofficial and equally mindless ones
a purseful of IDs
unused tickets to a charity bingo
a vanity kit (with face powder, lotion, facial wash, atomizer. concealer, comb and anti-frizz serum)
a brag book of Gianna's pictures
an "official" kit (with three gel pens, three Stabilo pens, a correction pen and four USBs)
three sachets Maxwell House 3 in 1 coffee
a mini bag of Hershey's Dark Kisses
a wallet and coin purse;
and a Ziploc with a pebble, a shell and a solitary, freshly picked siling labuyo (my baon from my daughter).

Whew! And that's just my tote bag! There's still this other bag I carry around...


Rudy said...

Oi! You must have pretty strong arms by now, hehe. :-D

For work usually lug around a canvass sling bag that contains my checkbook, wallet, daily planner and of course, my cigarettes, hehe. :-D

Abaniko said...

"and a Ziploc with a pebble, a shell and a solitary, freshly picked siling labuyo (my baon from my daughter)."


Anna said...

and usually sore shoulders, rudy :p

Anna said...

ha ha ha. my daughter is in the habit of giving me just about anything. at naka ziploc pa palagi ha.

kayni said...

wow, you carry two bags =). i try to carry one bag a small one too.

Annamanila said...

Carrying a heavy shoulder bag is no laughing matter. :) Years ago, I wondered what was causing shoulder pains. and sure enough .. when i stopped hanging my bag on my very narrow shoulders, i stopped hurting.

My bag is not only heavy but so gulo. So I can only be so glad nobody has thought of tagging me for that "show what your bag contains" meme.