September 13, 2008

Water Therapy

I grew up by the sea. Technically, that is. While the house I grew up in was right in the heart of what was then a small town, there was always a body of water nearby. A few steps away, and there was a creek we would wade into. The beach was just a 15-minute ride away. The school I went to had windows that framed a pretty view of the bay. I only had to look out, and suddenly I'd be sailing past those boring lessons.

My mother believed in the therapeutic power of fresh air blowing in from the sea. There were the early morning drives to the beach so that we'd have "strong" lungs. A few sniffles and the onset of colds merited a trip to the pier. (It was here, I recently learned, that our younger selves slugged it out to settle some "guy" issues back in high school.)

I have since discovered the wonders of "water" therapy of the not-so-physical kind. There's nothing like the sight of calm waters to soothe frazzled nerves. Or to wash away the stresses of the day.

When I need a quick getaway from the depressing dose of dog bites and death certificates, I head out to my favorite lunch spot: by the baywalk, in one of those faux bamboo sheds. And when I feel like winding down, it's back to the bay for one of those colorful, calming sunsets.

Truly, there is nothing that water can't heal.

My favorite lunch spot

(Yet another) Sorsogon sunset


Droomvla said...

An kadamuan san mga parasira baga, mga makusogon an lungs lain pareho ta, na diyot lang na uran, may trangkaso na. HAHAHAHAHAHA Pero magayonon talaga an pier ta sa Sorsee. :)

Rudy said...

It's not just the sight of calm waters, the sound of the rolling waves gently making its way to shore has the same effect on this city slicker's frazzled nerves...

kayni said...

Really nice photos. I do agree that by just looking at the sea, the ocean or any body of water,has a way of refreshing or relaxing our minds.

Annamanila said...

I gather you live near the sea -- splendid! Does living near the sea make one introspective and romantic and placid and lyrical?