September 19, 2008


Gianna wanted it in her favorite color. Naturally, the papa--who couldn't resist toying with a can of paint--mixed and matched until he arrived at the perfect shade of girly-girl pink. Thus began yet another chapter in the so-called life of the garden chair.

For as long as I can remember, the garden set has been with us. It was here where many black and whites, Polaroids and circa '70s color prints were taken. It witnessed birthday parties and drinking sprees, courtships and LQs, full moons and early morning cups of coffee. Politicians and dogs (hmm, sometimes I just couldn't tell the difference, he he) sat here. Here was where a younger (and less cheesy) Chiz and his rah-rah team talked my dad into (returning to) politics. Where my dog Pusa sniffed at a bewildered Papa before deciding that she likes him.

Through many comings and goings away and moving ins and outs, the garden set has been a constant. And like the old GE ref (which my mom kept and used for sentimental reasons until she realized that it was such a power guzzler), it has changed color so many times. It has gone from white to green to white to yellow to white. And now, one fifth of it is pink. Waiting in the wings for Gianna's pink-filled, rosy memories.

Things are treasured not so much for what they are but for the value we attach to them. The spiffed-up set has cradled 40 plus years of life's ups and downs and in-betweens. And from the looks of it, it's going to cradle a lot, lot more.


kayni said...

I'm surprised to see that garden chair because I have a baby photo sitting on one of those. I guess those chairs were popular back then, and they last for a long time too. I like the pink look =).

Rudy said...

Hehe, those wrought iron garden chairs remind me of the ones in my Aunt's house in Legaspi, and of the countless drinking binges with the cousins and uncles. :-D

Droomvla said...

An Mama nan Papa ano, daog-daog na lamang ni Little girl. HAHAHAHA Pero magayonon man baga an kolor na. HAHAHAHAHA

Abaniko said...

It sure is a precious, precious heirloom. :D

Annamanila said...

A toast to a garden chair -- exquisite! Written as usual in A-Tasa's quietly lyrical style.

In my husband's family, there is also an iron crib passed from generation to generation. It cradled two or three of my children. I remember we painted it yellow and stuck juvenile stickers on it in an ill-advised effort to make it more in "with the times." It must still be intact somewhere (who knows where now?). Oh, I wanted it for my Apo Andeng sana.

cherie said...

ka- mga cute nindo didi, menchie. an batit mo, kabayhun mo man. matibayun talaga an irug sana na silya, ano? sige mo lang an balyo pintura.