September 16, 2008

Games We Played

Since my daughter and her cousin discovered the wonders of Playhouse Disney online, I haven't been blogging and blog-hopping as often as I used to. The two girls have developed mouse-happy fingers. and can find their way through the maze of (sometimes complicated) games. Heck, they can even mouse over to YouTube!

I don't know, but technology seems to have taken the fun out of outdoor games. There are a lot of school-age kids in our neighborhood, but they are hardly out playing on the streets on breezy weekend afternoons. Instead, they are hunched over computers at the internet shop. I wonder: whatever happened to...

Siato (and I can't even begin to describe how the game is played) on afternoons when we should be taking naps?
Tumbang preso and taguan on moonlit nights?
Bahay-bahayan and luto-lutuan under the shade of the aratiles tree?
Jolens by the shade of the High School Main Building?
Patintero and street football and all the games we used to play?

When I started fiddling with GameBoy and PacMan and Super Mario on the PC (in the era of floppy disks and Wordstar) I remember swaying along to every press of the keys. Now, kids sit zombie-like while killing, bombing, sniping and engaging in the complicated virtual violence of Counter Strike. They don't even blink!

This technology thing sure has its perks, but few things can top the thrill of playing outside, sweating it out and enjoying a very, very real goal, a homerun, a score and a save.


kayni said...

What I remember the most is playing taguan during nights. My older cousins would really put a lot of effort on putting costumes and scaring the younger ones - including me. Then, we'd just sit on the grassy ground and tell ghost stories. I miss those times.

Rudy said...

Patintero, taguan... those were the games we played in the old neighborhood. Oftentimes, we'd go home with our shirts dirty and drenched with sweat, but still happy as hell, hehe. :-D Nowadays you seldom see kids play those anymore thanks to technology. Is it any wonder why a lot of kids these days are obese?