January 3, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 5: To Do, To Be, To Have

Thirteen Things about ANNA

I just love the newness of every new year. I love blank planners, clean slates, new calendars, new possibilities. I welcome discoveries new and old, and I just can't resist making plans--although, for most of the year, I'm not really the "planning" sort. In any case, here's what I hope to do, to be and to have in 2008:

1.... Put the planner to good use. Which means making sure that the entries go past February.

2. Keep tabs on the budget. And save, save, save.

3. Go through the entire MIMS. This way, I wouldn't look so out of it when somebody complains of a headache and the only thing I can volunteer is, "uh, amoxicillin?"

4. Unsubscribe to stuff that keep piling up and crowding my inbox. Stuff that usually end in the trash, anyway. And while we're at it, I might as well declutter.

5. Keep the home fires burning. Literally. Since we got married, the hubby has claimed the kitchen as his territory, guarding it the way crime scene investigators do. I should cross the police line once in a while and do more than just bake.

6. Get that KitchenAid Artisan in Majestic Yellow!

7. Read more and write (and blog) more often.

8. Learn to drive. Either that, or learn something new.

9. Find a new nanny. One who isn't that gaga over textmates, texting and soaps.

10. Scrapbook.

11. Shed off those flabs. Naturally. Without making Vicki Belo even richer.

12. Try to be a little more tolerant of Kristy Fermin, Big Brother and those hams masquerading as politicians.

13. Enjoy the kid's "clinginess." In a few months, she'll be in pre-school. Her world will not revolve around just me anymore.

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mom huebert said...

I just went through and did #4 this morning! Good luck on your list!

Kat said...

That's a great list to start out the new year with. My hubby takes over the kitchen too and tells me to "get out" when I try to help him...I've thought about having him build me my OWN kitchen! LOL Happy New Year to you and your family. Thanks for stopping by.


Sassy Lucy said...

I have to laugh at number 5 except for me it is my 14yo son, who aspires to be a chef who took control of my kitchen.
Great list this week.
Pop by the Cafe for my 14th T13.

Alasandra said...

Nice list. They grow up too fast; enjoy the clinging while you can.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

Danielle said...

I wish my husband would step foot in the kitchen!

I vowed not to make resolutions this year, just one goal of getting my life on track - it includes most of yours ;-)

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Abaniko said...

Of course, I look forward to your # 7. Selfish me. :)

Nicholas said...

Good luck with all those. Happ New Year!

smtwngrl said...

Thanks for visiting! Great plans for the New Year...and your daughter is adorable! :o)