January 8, 2008


The kid lost out to her nanny's textmate. Yaya J, feeling perhaps that there is much more excitement in a lovelife than in running after a terrible two, left five days ago. I didn't hold her back. Sigh. After all, there are some things that a 17-year-old should learn on her own.

Pending the arrival of the new yaya, I am the hands-down substitute. Which means no work (what joy!!!), limited online hours and an endless stock of patience, patience and energy.

The five days, of course, have been a breeze. The kid has been highly entertaining, and I have none of the pressures of the workplace (thank God for "sleep" mode, and the fact that the new office has no phone lines, yet). But any hopes of turning Stay-at-Home Mom will remain just that: hope.

Five days later, I have bad posture, a pair of Salonpas plastered on the lower back, a tub of Biofreeze on the ready and I am in danger of being a mefenamic-acid-popping Momma.

The spirit may be (more than) willing. But, alas, the back is weak.


feng said...

yay, at least you got to spend time with the little terrible two while waiting for the new yaya.

17-year old din pala ang yaya mo? nakupo, medyo sakit sa ulo. ganyan din yung sa amin eh. pero good thing, medyo ngayon nagtino na ng konti. i remember losing a yaya at the onset of new year last 2007.

ScroochChronicles said...

Ah, the perils of a nanay...hehehe :)

Try chili plaster..it works much better than salonpas :)

Anna said...

hi feng! sayang nga ang yaya, kasi nung una she was so patient with the kid. pero nung nagka-cellphone at nagka-textmate, nay, natuto na rin ng mga pasaload ang anak ko.

hi cookie! thanks! spoken by a true authority, huh? siguro all nanays should be endorsers of these things...

Chateau said...

What is it with AteJs that they leave?? hehe I used to have an ateJ that left, so did Feng, and now, you! Could they be one and the same? lol

I hope your back is okay now, and that the new yaya will be good to your baby.

Josh of Arabia said...

ugh, this post remind me of my mum, the greatest ever!

rgds to u..:)