January 27, 2008


Picture a hardened policeman struggling with the typewriter keys--and the words--and you are sure to get a dose of comedy. True, the circumstances may be no laughing matter, but the way they are translated on paper can be an endless source of amusement.

This, taken from the police blotter, really had me rolling:

Case: Kasunduan

Kami Person # 1, may sapat na gulang, representative ng _____ Bus Lines, at Person # 2, may sapat na gulang, drayber, ay nagkasundo na ang nawalang pustiso ng ikalawang panig sa aksidente ay papalitan ng ___ Bus Lines at ako ay hindi na magsasampa ng kaso laban sa drayber at kumpanya. At ang unang panig ay nangangako na papalitan ang nasabing pustiso.

The English version?

Case: Confrontation (accidentally bumped from behind by ___ Bus Lines who at that time he was trying to overtake to said vehicle he was hit the rear bumber that causing the damage of vehicle)

At around 10:20 p.m. Person 1 and Person 2 confronted in this office and both parties agreed that the repair of the artificial teeth (pustiso) 3 pcs amounting to 2,400.00 will shoulder by the ___ Bus Lines as soon as possible due to that the artificial teeth is needed daily.


buday said...


As Rufa Mae Quinto once said, "Nag-uusap pa naman sila. So it can only means..."

rowena said...

ha ha ha...ok ah..oo nga naman needed daily yung dentures..LOL