January 23, 2008

Caught in the Middle

For the longest time, I thought that being in the middle is safest position in the universe. Boring, perhaps, if you like weaving in and out of two extremes. But safe nonetheless. And convenient.

Now I'm not so sure. Two women I know are engaged in a tug-o-war, the winner of which might just bag the guy. The "war" has reached pathetic proportions, what with catfights and unpleasant encounters and gossip galore.

And where I am through all the high drama? Hopelessly caught in the middle. Stuck, actually. In their war, the two are forcing everyone to take sides. As if theirs is the only story unfolding this very minute. I cannot--and will not--budge, and I have told them that a million times.

Still, it gets awfully irritating, especially when I have the (mis)fortune of working with the two of them. Now I realize that being in the middle can get pretty uncomfortable, too.

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