January 25, 2008

Toy Story

My daughter doesn't like "normal" toys. Either that, or she loves to tinker with stuff that are technically not toys.

She'd much rather raid the kitchen shelves for the wire whisk, the ice cream scoop and the microwaveable plastics than play with those dainty teasets. She hoards fast-food spoons and forks and straws and pretends they are towers, or princesses, or frogs, or whatever she fancies them to be.

She has also consistently challenged my no-obviously-unsafe-toys policy. The other day, I came home to find her asleep, cradling this really cheap doll. Top Model Barbie, it seems, has lost out to Sharpay the Doll. And to Baby Sharpay, who, in her past life, was a remote control.


Anonymous said...

well thats are kids now, well they want to discover new things by their own.Atleast ur daughter was so smart.I know she can grew up like u anna.GOD BLESS

ScroochChronicles said...

San nakakabili nyan Baby Sharpay? Hehehe :)

My kids are the same. Bottle caps, fastfood straws, empty boxes, batya, my cooking implements...whatever, basta hindi toys!!