June 22, 2007

Friday's Feast # 1

Name a funny habit you have.
I tend to make faces while on the phone.

If you could instantly know how to play a musical instrument, which one would you pick?
Piano. I've had lessons, but then as a kid I hated structure so I never really got around to learning.

How long is your hair?
Long enough to hide my face in, but short enough to escape ponytails.

Main Course:
When was the last time you forgave someone, and who was it?
Last night. My daughter smacked me hard in the face. She gave me a lot of kisses afterwards, though...

What is your favorite kitchen appliance?
My electric mixer. Makes beating and mixing and baking a breeze. I love how it makes the batter look so shiny and perfectly smooth.


Judy Thomas said...

Happy Friday and welcome to the feast! I know you will enjoy it... I LOVE it (when I remember it's Friday.. lol)

Your daughter is so beautiful...and it looks like she's picked up your habit of making faces... :-)

Hootin'Anni said...

....and such a precious looking daughter too!!

Happy feasting.

tegdirb92 said...

I would have thought you would have said coffee maker :) Great feast.

Anonymous said...

I would like to have a hand mixer. Thanks for the link to the hershey kitchen. I printed out two recipes to try!!! Yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I loved Lucia Lucia also!!!

chateau said...

Ouch! I know how it feels to be smacked by an innocent looking kid - super sakit gusto mong magalit pero hindi naman pwede haha.
I'd love to be able to play the piano. pareho tayo, I had lessons way back as a kid but I did not have the patience, not did my teachers! LOL