June 6, 2007

Gianna and Sam

That's my daughter Gianna and her cousin Sam showing the world that they love each other.

Looking at these pictures, I am reminded of "Define Love," that classic slumbook question. I am reminded of classic gradeschool answers as well: "Love is what I feel for Mama and Papa." "Love is evol spelled backwards." "Love is like a rosary. It is full of mystery." Ha ha ha.

Of course, these pictures do not tell the whole story. The camera does not capture Gianna strangling Sam, or Sam scratching Gianna. It does not tell of the many times that they get time out for hitting each other, or for conspiring to put one over their nannies. It doesn't tell of the herculean efforts that go into dressing up Sam, or getting the two of them to the clinic.

But the pictures do tell that these girls are adorable--and that they adore each other most of the time. Barring the times that they bite, kick and shove each other, they get along fine. They are cousins, playmates, sisters even. They'll grow up to have their own definitions of love. For now, they miss each other when they are apart, they hate each other some of the time and love each other most of the time.

Who says love can be easily defined?

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pillow_talk said...

ka cute man gyud, he he. which one is gianna and which one is sam?