June 24, 2007

Seven Random Facts

This is a tag from PillowTalk. I'm supposed to list seven random facts about me and tag seven others to come up with their own random seven. So here I am, at random and in bullets:

  • I watched Pulp Fiction on the big screen four times. My friend Arni and I wanted to get the sequence right.
  • I wore uniforms all throughout my school-age life. That's 15 years of blue-and-white fashion.
  • I am a word geek. I love crossword puzzles, Word Factory, Scrabble and Text Twist. (Three years ago, in a bout with pregnancy-induced insomnia, I scored my Text Twist high of 500,000 plus points :)
  • I learned to ride a bike at the ripe "old" age of 21--thanks to my seven-year-old brother
  • Ice cream makes me yawn, yawn and yawn
  • I learned conversational Pilipino from reading komiks. (The Pilipino subjects in grade- and high school were so text-bookish they wouldn't stand a chance on the streets of Manila, ha ha.)
  • I consume at least eight cups of coffee a day.

Now for the tagging part. I'm really more of a democrat, so any volunteers?


chateau said...

So do you play on ISC (WordBiz) too? I've recently discovered it thanks to annamanila and I'm hooked! I used to love Text Twist too. But ISC has taken over haha
At least you learned to ride a bike. I am nearly 33 and nowhere near learning it! :D

coffeefreak said...

Ohhh I'll have to check that out, he he. But then baka sobrang addicting, I won't have time for anything else, ha ha ha.

ScroochChronicles said...

Hi Anna..my Mom and I are partners in word games addiction. It can get so bad sometimes we actually curse at the pc monitor when we're playing Scrabble.

Same here, can't get by without my caffeine fix. At least 4 mugs (12oz) in the a.m. and 1 in the afternoon. Otherwise, I'm in zombie mode.

Great to meet you!! Nice to know another 70's child with an 80's affiliction. Check this out http://scroochchronicles.blogspot.com/2007/05/80s.html