June 5, 2007

Not-so-manic Monday

Items on my Monday to-do list:

1. Get started on the state-of-the-city address
2. Prepare invites for the citizens' charter launch
3. Finalize management comments on the audit observations
4. Request for a transfer of assignment
5. File, file, file

My progress so far:

1. I'm done with the first line. "Ladies and Gentlemen" is a line, right?
2. Hooray on this one! (Microsoft didn't key in cut-and-paste for nothing, he he).
3. Wish I could just brush it off with "no comment." This bureaucratic jargon is lulling me into a state of absolute catatonia. I can' t, for the life of me, get past the "failure to obtain the authority from the trustors to use the unexpended balances for other noble projects" part without spacing out.
4. Scratch this one. I tell the HR people and they give me this "who-are-you-kidding" look. I might as well request to be transferred to the slaughterhouse...
5. Pile, pile, pile

Mondays in government--especially when a new set of officials is due in three weeks--is like navigating EDSA on Good Fridays: unclogged, uneventful, uninspired. You know that there are traffic signs, but hey, who's minding anyway?

This Monday is no different. I got in early enough, in time for flag ceremony and First Monday Mass. As the day wore on, though, I felt less and less inclined to accomplish the tasks on my to-do list. The secretaries have a case of Monday sickness, the boss is on leave, the clients are nowhere.

So here I am, just coasting along. Physically present but mentally gone. My mind should be on the bond paper paid for by Juana de la Cruz, but it is way out there, in the blogosphere. I am going, going, gone.

Ahh, where would I be without the blog?

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