June 11, 2007

Ten Things About Gianna

I have three posts in draft, all waiting for the middle and the end. I'm doing yaya duty this weekend, though, so I might as well kiss my "publishing" hopes goodbye. For now, at least.

What do I blog about then? There's this terrible two who seems to be growing up really fast. It amazes me--as I'm sure all parents are--to see their kids go from a colicky baby to a plucky toddler. While I sit and wonder where the time has gone, she does some other thing that tells me that time does fly. That I'd better capture the moment--the here and now--before she launches into one of her many transformations yet again.

In any case, here are Gianna's great loves. For the moment.

1. Big words. She learned her first "big" word--congatulations--at a family wedding in December last year. When she's in a big-girl mode, she gets a thrill out of saying 'indelable' ink and 'ticycle divey' and 'monsignoy'. Her latest big word? "Initiative."

2. Captain Von Trapp. It's a ritual: whenever Christopher Plummer appears onscreen for the first time in The Sound of Music, she babbles excitedly at how "gwapo" Captain Von Trapp is. She wants to learn to whistle the way the Captain does, she wants to go to Vienna to see the Captain, she has pretend conversations on the phone with--you guessed it--the Captain.

3. Dora, Blue, Barney and Annie. The kid is a certified "Doranian," has a handy-dandy notebook and knows the "I Love You" song by heart. Every so often, she carts away Lolo's cane and uses it as a mic for "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile."

4. Pink. Back in the days when mommyhood was farthest from my mind, I swore that if I had a little girl, I would never dress her up in pink. The kid must have heard me even then and today insists on dressing up only in pink.

5. Books. She can rattle off her favorites: Jack and the Beanstalk, No Jumping on the Bed, Lift-the-Flap Board Book, Mimi's Toes, Bard's Rhyme Time, Mr. Brown Can Moo. There are days, of course, when she uses the books to swipe at Sammy...

6. Radish. She likes them crunchy, not soggy. She also munches on carrots, green beans, sitaw and cauliflower.

7. The beach. Bacon Beach is but 20 minutes away from where we live. The kid is no swimmer--yet--but she sure loves getting her feet wet and running after waves. She has also taken to calling just about every body of water "Bacon."

8. Church. Funny, but the little girl is the regular church-goer in the family. On Sundays, she insists on going to church with Lola. She has this thing for religious icons, and when she turned two she asked for nothing but the "big Santo Nino." When the church bells ring at 6 p.m., she makes motions that pass off for the sign of the cross and recites "in the name of the fadey, the son, dalopiyit amen."

9. Courting danger. There are days when I feel that I am too old for this motherhood thing, when all that comes out of my mouth are along the lines of "no, don't, stop that, don't do that, no no no and a thousand times no." Still, the kid gets a high out of courting danger. In December, she chipped her front tooth when she fell flat on her face. Not that the chipped tooth stopped her from running...

10. Digging dirt. Give her a pail and a shovel and she'll be quite happy digging a hole in the backyard. For all her pinky-pink favorites, she is one girl who enjoys getting dirt on her hair.

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