June 8, 2007

Missing KC

Finally connected with my friend KC after five years or so of silence. Back in college, when it was okay to wear angst on your sleeves, we were really close. We rode the bus together, we shared secret fears, we even shed a tear or two.

Things simmered down after college. I wrote, KC tried to figure out the corporate jungle. I drifted, KC got married. I lived the single life, KC started a family. Sure, there were the reunions and the chance encounters and the standing invitations. But other than the not-so-regular meetings, which did anything but thread the already loosening ties, we were pretty much on our own. In the business of making our own separate businesses, we lost track of each other.

Until last night. Funny how a few minutes of online chat can make a difference. As if the intermittent years never were, as if we were back in Governor Forbes, talking about everything and nothing while waiting for the bus. And funny, too, how we seem to have retained different versions of the same event. KC, for example, remembers the movie. I remember the beer. KC remembers Project 6. I remember West Avenue.

For all the confusion over the "us" of ages ago, one thing remains clear: that we did--and do--miss each other and our friendship.

So here's to you, KC, and to me. To the way we were, and the way we will be.

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